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Everything that you really need to know about AWS.

to deploy highly available & fault tolerant environments.

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An introduction to key AWS services.

  • It’s best practice to build applications spanning multiple availability zones in order to provide high availability and fault tolerance in your application architecture.

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This book is authored by a certified AWS solutions architect. While reading this book is not the silver bullet to passing the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate level exam, it will give you an excellent foundation on which to build through hands-on AWS use.

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Key Concepts

This book aims to provide an introduction into many of the topics required to pass the AWS certified solutions architect exam.

  • Deploying Highly Available & Fault Tolerant Environments

    Implement geo-redundancy in your AWS deployments

  • Security Best Practices in AWS

    Secure your AWS environment with best practices.

  • Key Services Overview

    Understand all the key AWS services at your disposal.


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